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How To Properly Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuuming, its a simple task that is true. Most people though do not know how to properly vacuum their carpets. Most people just go over the carpet as quickly as possible and then throw the vacuum back in the closet. This article will explain how to vacuum your carpet more efficiently and will explain how important vacuum maintenance is.

Proper Vacuuming

The common W pattern that most people use is very inefficient. When you push the vacuum forward, it is not vacuuming very efficiently. The backward stroke is when most debris, dirt, etc is pulled out of the carpet. The vacuum is most effective on the backwards stroke. What you want to do is expose all of the carpet to a backwards stroke. To do this pull the vacuum straight back and then push it forward to the next area an pull it straight back again. You are not vacuuming on the forward stroke, you are only positioning the vacuum.

Vacuum Maintenance

You need a properly running vacuum in order to vacuum efficiently. Check the bag often. When the bag gets half full replace it or empty it. The suction power of your vacuum is severely reduced when the bag gets over half full. Check the belts and make sure that they are in good condition to spin the brush properly. If your vacuum has a height adjuster, make sure that it is adjusted correctly. It should be set so that the brushes just barely touch the tops of the carpet fibers. Too high or too low and it won't work properly.


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