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Mopping Your Floor

Mopping is a pretty simple task. It is however one that is often dreaded and done as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you mop more efficiently and effectively.

Tip 1
Soil is easier to remove when it is dry. Sweep and/or vacuum your floor before you mop it. Once you get dirt wet, it is harder to clean. Clean carefully around furniture and under cabinets. The more time you spend here, the less time you will spend mopping.

Tip 2
If you are using a rope or rag type mop, flip it over often. Take advantage of all of the sides of the mop. so that you are not depositing dirt on clean areas.

Tip 3
Keep your mop as clean as possible. Rinse it often. No use contaminating clean areas with a dirty mop. If necessary, change out your mop water and if you have time, do a final pass on your floor with clean water that is free of detergent. Removing as much detergent residue as possible will keep your floors cleaner longer.

Tip 4
Use the proper amount of floor cleaner. Read the directions on the bottle of floor cleaner you are using. More is not better. If you use more cleaner, you may leave a residue behind causing your floors to get dirty again quicker.

Tip 5
Make several passes over each area. Your first pass will wet the area and begin dissolving soil. Your next pass will begin removing the soil. You may have to make three or four passes over very dirt floors. Using a figure eight pattern is more effective than going straight forward and back if you are using a rag or rope style mop.

Tip 6
To speed dry your floor, place a portable fan at one end of the room when you are done mopping. Turn on nearby ceiling fans to further speed drying, your goal is to move as much air around as possible.


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